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Friday, July 06, 2007

Impeach the Peach!

It seems that even with the change of leadership all sane people are anticipating on January '09, we'll still have to deal with one little long term gift from the Bush Administration. The Supreme Court. Oh, how I wish that was just a cover band of the Supremes! Although, given the visuals of pasty white males in billowy dresses, all moving lockstep to some mystical rhythem that only they can hear, it sort of fits. As 70% of Americans willing to answer a poll dramatically disapprove of the current administration's choices, they are being foiled not just by President "Decider" and Dick "Secret Branch of Government...In My Pants" Cheney but 5 mini-mes in black caftans on the Supreme Court.

What's worse is, impeaching Supreme Court Justices is harder than impeaching a president. That's right, you can't get rid of some bozos you didn't vote for who are crafting laws you don't agree with. How can we get rid of them? Will a radical change in the make up of legislative, & executive branches in '08 signal for them that their corporatist, socially conservative interpretations of the constitution are not wanted by the US citizenry? Looking at the defiant actions of the president that installed the most neocon judges, I'm gonna predict it's no.