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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Pretty Angry Rant

Mr. President, I worked hard to get you elected. I supported you over others who I felt were more progressive. Let me say right now, I have never, ever been so disappointed in a president as I am in you right now. I did not elect Rahm Emmanuel. I could care less about his ill-considered blue dog strategy. And I have no problem in conveying to him that his feelings about progressive democrats are definitely returned as he shows his arm twisting abilities are woefully limited across the aisles where they belong while flexing and snarling at progressives to keep us in line for things we do not believe in.
Mr. President, you were charged with many duties at your investment. Health care is, sadly, not the biggest, but it's up there. Most of the people who voted for you, voted for you based on a platform of health care for all. Not co-ops with limited success rates, not mandated insurance as a source of even more corporate profits. We understand the need for health insurance reform, but we voted for health care reform. I am sick to death of watching the Democratic Party wet itself in fear at the near regional Republican Party's rantings. I cannot believe the lack of skill in handling the message of health care reform. What kind of disconnected, pardon me, idiots do you have on board? Months later and you still don't have a sound bit that explains health care goals and diffuses wild lies? Really? You can't simply your message and infuse it with some passion? Unbelievable.
I did not vote for Olympia Snowe for president, nor did I rally for Max Baucus. Why are you working with Olympia Snowe for HealthCare Reform? We don't want a watered down bill that's palatable to the one marginally sane republican! This pathological need to get their buy-in has produced the low value Cap & Trade Bill that even now is stalled. Ridiculous. As support for a public option drops from 75% to 55% because of the insanity and, frankly, your dispassionate delivery and your advocates constant flipflopping, there is no one to blame but you. YOU are spending your political capital on nothing and wasting the advantages that you entered with. Quit wasting time, quit dragging the Democratic Party back to irrelevance and empowering Republicans after the American People told them we didn't want their input anymore!

President Barack Obama, you have no idea how much it pains me to say this. You've lied. You've lied about supporting the public option. You've lied that single payer wouldn't pass. You've lied about bringing change to the White House and America. You've lied about giving a damn about the millions of uninsured, unemployed Americans. It seems that all you and your key staff care about is securing a gift bag legislation for the Big Pharma and Insurance Companies for future DNC/DLC election funding. As one of the many and growing former Obama supporters who are absolutely disillusioned with you only 8 months into your term, I can promise that this will fail. You can get all the money you want, but you won't get our votes or support anymore. We wanted a strong, democratic minded president, we've got another corporate tail chaser who thinks the seat of power in this country is for making things better for the rich.

Shame on you and all your staff for your games playing and moneygrubbing. We needed you to fight for single payer, we've allowed you to talk us down to a strong public option. If you want to spend the next 3 years with disdain from your supporters and a herd of right wing crazies at your back, congratulations, you're almost fully there. I propose that you should consider whether that's really the way you'd like to spend your next 3 years.

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