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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A few rambles on today's big event:

OMG! We made! Bush & Cheney didn't blow us up to kingdom come! YES!

Hey look! Danny Quayle, leader of the free world! He looks older now, like he can legally get a beer.

GWB is now old. Based on his gait, he's doddering. Poor guy, I'd have sympathy if I wasn't sure he's done evil many, many, many times.

Cheney's in a wheelchair. Good. Hope a mountain falls on him.

Did they just boo Cheney? Awesome!

There's the Clintons, looking dapper. Ok, maybe it's just me, but does Bill look slightly J at the amount of people here for Obama's swearing in? Slight shades of green.

Our president-elect wouldn't look out of place at a male model convention. I'm not into the goodlooking dudes as president but he's smart enough to overcome that.

Sweet Jesus! Is that a sausage maker or something? He looks like he might explode. Oh. Rick Warren. Well, time to go grab breakfast.

Is Rick Still TALKING?!


This is so not about you, Rick.

You can't spell prick, without Rick.

Finally, he's ending.

Or not. Shut up, man!

OMG, an alien landed on Aretha Franklin's head and is eating her brain!
No wait, just an ill-chosen, tasteless hat accessory. The alien would've been kinder.

Biden's in. Take that moosekiller!

The wonderful Itzak Perleman, Yoyo Ma, a woman and some black guy on clarinet. *sigh* At least it's quite beautiful.

No jumping the gun there, Obama. Barack Hussein Obama.

And it's done, A fucking Men! And look at that crowd! This is so damn awesome. It won't change my general distaste for people. I know you always liked that.

44 speaks! We thank Bush too, for leaving. Way to be a downer, Barack. We just want to float bit before the ugly truth sets in. However, you're right, this is not even beginning and hard work is ahead. Time to sip some tea.

OOO, cutting to Bush while Obama talks about restoring the rule of law and not compromising between safety and ideals. That's wrong, but highly amusing MSNBC.

Hey, atheists are part of American! Woohoo! Pagans, still the red-headed step-child sitting out back until the family is finished dinner.

"We will extend a hand, if you're willing to unclench your fist." Wow.

I don't know how the man can give so many damn speeches that move so many damn people, but more power to him and, Godspeed.

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