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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself

On the rapidly approaching eve of Barack Obama's inauguration, I'll let a more eloquent soul speak for me about it's meaning.

"Those messes are enormous, bigger than Washington, bigger than race, bigger than anything most of us have ever seen. Nearly three months after Election Day, it remains astonishing that the American people have entrusted the job to a young black man who seemed to come out of nowhere looking for that kind of work just as we most needed him."

So true. But he was elected because anyone with real experience in life can recognize true God given talent and grace. This man has it. He can think. He has real chops. He is not a vapid automaton ideologue like the man he is replacing. This country is in very big trouble and every thinking person knows it. My prayers will be with this man every day for the next eight years as long as I am on this planet. He is the real deal. I am a white man. I am a military veteran. I am so glad I have lived to see this day. The blood of African Americans has run red upon the ground in the Armed Forces of the United States. They fought to defend rights that they themselves did not have in their own country. Their day has now come. All men are created equal! Their righteous day has come. In this moment I honor them greatly. They brought us here in their belief that the nation would some day finally live out it's creed as Martin Luther King bid us. We are there.

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