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Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Make Me Smack You

Rep. Devin Nunes from California today on some shameful behaviour by Tea Party "Patriots" yesterday. http://thinkprogress.org/2010/03/21/nunes-tea-part/
Basically, if Democrats weren't, you know, inciting them by being all, not Republicans, then they wouldn't be getting hurt. Isn't this what the abusive husband says after he beats the crap out of his wife? Asshole. I can't sit on my hands so, time to show some spine.

Here's my rant.
The fact that you could sit on television and actually defend the use of slurs, threats of violence and spitting on your fellow congresspersons says more about the lack of morality on your side than anything you've done all year. To describe standard congressional procedure as "totalitarian tactics", is the most deplorable abuse of language that there is. Any person capable of using a computer can find the majority Republican Party using all cited procedures under debate for passing Health Insurance Reform for even more controversial, deficit inducing actions. You're a very, very disgusting representative of what's wrong with the Republican Party today, using your opportunity to decry racism and behaviour that has been more evident during Civil Rights marches in the 1960's that should no longer be part of the process today. For shame. I will make sure that all the people I know in your area understand exactly how much partisanship has blindered you to simple human decency.

I know it's not much, but dammit, it needs to be said.

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Blogger mitch said...

1st of all let me say I hate racism as much as anyone I know.
I started speaking out on the subject in speech contests as a Jr. in high school (a nearly all white school BTW).
I have never stopped doing so.

I have not stooped to dishonest abuse of facts and logic as the writer of this piece has however.

I don't suppose the writer has much familiarity with the basics of logic but his entire rant was based on a false premise.
It would take too much of my time to refute every stupid remark and logical fallacy in this "work" of passion over reason.
May I just suggest the author study up on the Straw Man fallacy for a start.
He may as well have asked us to imagine puppies and kittens striking for the right to vote.

Let me address just the beginning:
He has taken a completely NON-race issue and spun it into a race issue. The fact is that the 2nd Amendment crowd WELCOMES anyone of any race and the writer (unless he is a moron knows it. This fact is just as true of the Concealed Carry advocates and the Tea Party groups. This is NOT a matter of opinion or conjecture, rather it has been fully demonstrated by independent news sources, investigative journalists, and interviews with participants of color. And as most who have the intellectual integrity to go outside the MSM know, the leftist MSM has been caught again and again trying to lie about and conceal this fact. The professional black man with the assault weapon at the tea Party about 2 months ago who's skin was edited out for the leftist trash publications and more recently the liars who claimed that there were 15 instances of racial slurs from a group when, in fact, there were none what so ever. This article is nothing more than a long, deceitful, fallacious, self-indulgent insinuation that casts a shadow upon those who believe our rights issue from GOD and not man. And at the same time it infers rotten motives on those who have done nothing to deserve them for what they did *AND* it implies rotten responses if blacks were to do the same.
You should be ashamed but I have seen that liberals seldom are due to a great lack of conscience.

Perhaps in his free time he might want to look into the long and glorious history of radical blacks in the US making all manner of threats while speaking and writing in public.
Perhaps he might review some of the well publicized comments of our nations pastor, mentor and close personal friend, of 21 yrs. And while he is at it look at some of the people his pastor was close to, promoted, and quoted. OH how about Louis Farrakhan just for a start. Some of his quotes can make liberals nervous enough to get armed. But don't stop there! Oh there are so many more. One of Obama's greatest heroes' dedicated his book, the one all the libs are buying now to...(wait for it)...satan! Yeah, kind of dwarfs somebody getting angry and saying the "n" word doesn't it. Then there is that sweetheart of a professor Kamal Cambon saying "We need to exterminate all white people", And then Minster Hashim Nzinga defending him for it.
And HONEST person could come up with HUNDREDS of quotes from blacks of this nature, and I don't know of a single one who lost their privilege.
However I can name MANY white men who lost jobs for speaking immutable and honest truths about history and blacks. Remarks that had no insult or degradation in them.
White privilege my ass!
You leftists are now even trying to impute racism to anyone opposing any law Obama wants to pass.
We can't be against the same spending we opposed under GWB without also now being racists!
Wonderful, how very typical of the fairness and honesty of the left.

So guess what this all means? (I know this is tough since you are logic impaired.)
What it means is your entire premise and summary is a BIG FAT LIE!

1:50 AM  
Blogger mitch said...

PART 2 of response to Tim Wise ignorant rant:

And "GAME OVER!" Really?!?

What a stupid and arrogant remark. "OH look what I said!" "I am soooo very smart no one will be able to refute my masterful prose."
How utterly childish and, once again, dishonest.
If you expect to be taken seriously I suggest you get some balance and honor in your work.
If you hope to NOT be used by those you purport to help you'd better get real about bothy sides of this issue.
People like you do not help the racial situation to heal, you perpetuate the problem by ignoring one side and magnifying the other.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Misanthropic Meanderings said...

Welcome rambling nutter! Thank you for time and posts. Good luck with things.

8:16 PM  

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