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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I miss NYC. Some people would tell you not to go in summer but this is when I would go. It's stinky hot, loud and crowded. The MTA seems to have stocked the train stations with the ricketyest trains possible, ensuring a breakdown every day around rush hour. AC is a luxury we run into the premium shops to enjoy, acting like we've actually got a dime to spend at Nordstrom's until youth takes us elsewhere.

Central Park in high summer is a people watcher's paradise. The rollerbladers vs the old skool rollerskaters down by the bandshell. Let's not forget Opera in the Park. God, I miss that. They have it elsewhere in the world, such as by Lake Merrit in Oakland, but very few places have the Met showing up to caterwaul on the grass.

I miss NYC people too. They can be very to the point. Downright mean, sometimes. But they say what they feel and I like it. No carribean pride parades over here in collegetown. Very few stinky bums. But I could go for a month of NYC flavour. (Yes, that even includes you burbs too. Love you all.) Smelly, wretched, poop basket of a place, but what a place it is.


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