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Friday, January 26, 2007

bloviate blowhards of bullshit

Here's something odd I've noticed while living the life virtual. First and foremost, fame means you've earned hatred. Doesn't matter what you've done, unless it involved serving the poor and dying quickly thereafter, people will hate you at least 60% of the time. Second, if you are female, you will be hated 80% of the time. If you are not a beautiful female, you will be hated 95% of the time.

Right now, the haters delight in one person, Oprah. Oprah is fat, Oprah made her money off peoples misery, Oprah's a suck up, Oprah is touchy-feely crap, Oprah is ignorant, Oprah is evil. The latest wickedness she's done is...open a school for girls in Africa. OMIGOD! CALL OUT NATO! How does she do such wickedness & not go to jail?! What? She's horrible for building a school in an underfunded country, serving the most opportunity denied populace, young women? The reason why this is wrong may surprise you. It's because schools in America could've used the money. I'm sorry, I do believe we actually have both a tax base that is richer & a government with a supposed mandate to support education for all. I didn't know Oprah should only support the richest country in the world because she lives here. So much for freedom.

I can abide hating Oprah, just because. Nobody has to love anyone else. You simply have to tolerate them. What I find interesting is, that as Oprah gained in power & money, hating her is the cool thing to do. Why should you hate Oprah? Because so many people love her. hm. It's a lot like dropping the cool indie band once they make it big. It’s odd that good deeds are a consistant cause of punishment. She helps Katrina victims-she's then exploiting Katrina victims. She promotes book reading with her club-she's pandering to the masses. Does anyone rag on Jerry Springer or Maury Povitch for their daytime freakshows with almost no social redeeming values beyond paychecks for our nations tv booth switchers & chicago/ny studio staff? Are these somehow better people?

Reality shows with ungodly levels of exploitation such as Survivor, American Idol, Top Chef, Top Model, Apprentice, is there any huge online outcry against people getting rich off of those? Not really. In fact, those are hugely popular. What is Oprah's crime then?

I'd say she not only has the gaul to be female, black, fat (at least previously) and on tv, likeshe's worthy or something, but she also has the temerity to share the wealth. How dare she give stuff away to audience members or to foreigner children! And this nonsense of trying to be positive & educational by bringing up social issues like women's rights in Afghanistan 3 years before we invade or teaching josephine blow about global warming & mad cow disease, well, how dare she! If only she could sit on her money, talk about herself or better yet spew her opinions forth, often while being utterly wrong, then she'd be okay. And if she were a man.

Dammit, why can't she be just like Bill O'Reilly. That would be great.


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