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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oops, I did it again

Here I go again. I have had the obvious bad taste to do the unthinkable. Again. Once more, I have aged. This month I… celebrate… my 37. At least I think it's my 37th, I just can't remember.
Any jokes about alzheimers can be sent to besmirchminegluteus@cheaplaffs.com.

It's not like I mind, mind you. I never expected much past getting to 18. I thought I'd have more, maybe accomplish something useful, but I sat next to a plant & breathed yesterday, so I suppose that will have to suffice. 37 feels, oddly, like 27, which felt like 17. I don't what happened, but I'm here; I don't what I'll do, but I'll do it anyway; and I fully doubt I'll ever understand the reason why. Ah well, at least my cluelessness is not due to a lack of effort on my part.

This year I plan on officially throwing a party as opposed to the traditional "dragging me out from under my rock of moping and forcing me to eat cake". I don't make much of presents, as my family taught me that gifts tend to suck if you don't buy them yourself, but I do love getting cards. I have 2 birthdays (due to my mom not being very clear on when I was born. Drugs are a terrible thing.) so I'll hang on to the 21st & 22nd as days when I expect a card. Yes, from you, I'm looking at you. Make it a decent one. With glitter.


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