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Friday, August 11, 2006

Fur Politics

This is my hair. For most of my life, my hair has generated controversy simply by sitting on top of my head. I was once inspected by neighbor children, who pronounced me as having "good hair" due to the wide, soft curls at my nape, as opposed to tight, firm curls. I've been derided for my predilection for unnatural colours like green & purple or blond. Hairdressers tunred me down because it was deemed too thick and hard to work with, until the one hairdresser who would take me on showed them my hair was just fine. My hair is curly when it dries, straight if I brush it, is fine in all weather and needs a good moisturing conditioner. The odd red and brown striping is just, my hair.

Comments like "good hair" or "bad hair" confuse me. Hair just is. If you cut it, it grows back. If it doesn't, there are wigs. None of it makes any sense. Why does the black community do it? I don't know. Why does any community craft artificial structures to segregate and demoralize members? Don't we have enough to deal with? No matter how much a group is discriminated against, they will find a way to pick on each other. It must be human nature. Can't wait until we grow out of it.


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