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Saturday, August 05, 2006

High Standards

Curious. It seems my ethics are going to cost me a few friends by the end of the summer. When did striving for a better self become an obstacle? I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I don't believe in doing unto others what they have done to me. I want to be a better person than whatever impulses drive me. Isn't it good to not do the same damn thing to others that hurt you? For some, the fact that you have a different moral standard-let's just say it-try to live to a higher standard, separates you. Maybe, and this is only a guess, they wonder if you're comparing them, if you find fault with them. They judge themselves for you, then reject you for the rejection they think is coming.

What's wrong with striving for nobility? The world could use a few more people who understand that word, who desire it far, far more than power or wealth. You see, I love a hero. I love idealism that's personal because you can change your heart faster than you can change the world. I was an Aragorn girl-not the movie version either, the book all the way. Any man who knew his destiny and could devote over 70 years to restoring something that never, ever looked like it could actually return, is my kind of man. Knowing lore and action, sword and lyre, Aragorn was a this perfected humanity. Even in the one most common flaw, mortality, he was perfect, going willingly with a sense of completion. I don't need physical beauty, the world has enough and to spare of that fleeting sensation. I want that character, that purest soul possible, I want the hero.

The night I finally moved to my current place, there was a terrible car accident at the corner of my street. I, my roommate and our two friends witnessed it from my balcony. It was awful. Before anybody else could move, my friends dashed from the balcony, running towards the cars to check on those inside. They didn't think about themselves, stay put to gab about after dialing 911, they ran to trouble to help. I couldn't have loved them more at that time. Amazing and selfless. Why not be the hero?


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