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Friday, January 05, 2007

Post Holiday Blues

Well, we survived the juggernaut called "Christmas". Go us. I don't know if Hanukkah or Ramadan suffers from a surfeit of marketing blitzs or worst of all, huge, unattainable expectations, but I predict in about 120 years, they too, will be sick of holiday songs by November 12th & bemoaning credit card bills on january 8th. What can I say. I love the holiday, hate the accoutrements.

This will be the first christmas I missed out on celebrating with my friends and my gifting did not match other seasons. I was in hospital from the 21st until the 23rd, having an 'ectomy. On the one hand, I do wish I had scheduled it a bit later, but, time really was of the essence. My big holiday celibration involved ensuring I could sit up, swallow pills and move myself to the bathroom so I could leave before christmas. I spent a lot of time watching midnite specials on cable, with my legs in massaging boots. In a way, this was the most restful holiday I've had in a while. And, it was a relief to not be surrounded by tinsel. But I'm sorry I missed the dinner.



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