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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was haunting Balloon Juice, as is my wont and the whole Sotomayor/Alford racism thing got on my last nerve. So here's the post I did.

It may just be the 4 days straight of trying to fix this damned house talking, but I got 3 things to get off my chest.
1. I get no malware messages. BJ just has been wicked slow mostly.

2. I like chutney. but I'm so tired all I can do is par-burn something and eat it with crackers. and a salad.

3. The whole "Barbara Boxer is just as racist" thing has me mighty PO'd. I got to sit next the old DH when Sotomayor had that "Dezi" impersonation thrown into her hearing. My PR DH had to get up and leave. Maybe it's not racist to some but it sort of leaves that whole "hispanics=mexican=whatever spanish thing I recall" bad flavor that can piss off a mild tempered borinqua who's had to deal with that way too much. So, no, it's not just some dumb white guy saying the one joke he thought of when he knew he'd be coming in that day. I'm sure it's funny, somewhere. Maybe if he'd told that to her over a beer in some lounge it would work. On tv, for such august, boring proceedings, not so much.
Now, let's examine Harry Alford. Unlike Sotomayor, he's there as a rep for the National Black Chamber of Commerce. IOW, a group of black business types focused on...black community. He's presenting their view that climate change legislation is bad for business because the National Black Chamber of Mammon are so totally off the plantation etc. In response, Boxer brings up the NAACP report on Climate Change. Suddenly, Mr. Alford is offended at all the blackness. What? Doesn't he actually front a national black association? What's the effrontery for a counter being made by an even senior organization that also serves the black community? That's like saying CWA can't comment on studies put forward by NOW because it would be sexist. When Harry Alford is there to represent the National Chamber of Commerce, then an NAACP study would be a racially stupid thing to pull out. Along with Babs Boxer's hardcore thug life Dr. Dre impression. I mean, if Cornyn's Ricky Ricardo impersonation is just light fun that pc types are overblowing, then I'm sure such an episode of delightful humour shouldn't get Alford's panties in a bunch.

I could continue with things like how much energy policy and jobs with actual input from minority groups could end or at least correct disparate problems with toxic storage in poor neighborhoods, lack of maintenance etc etc, but tomorrow is another attempt at finishing my floor.

Ty for the venting space.

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