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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fight-Even On Your Backs

Why is healthcare reform important? Because over 40k people die each year without insurance coverage. Because most industrialized nations that we compete with have it, reducing their labor costs and driving the loss of jobs overseas. Because it is inhumane that health services is rationed out based on what you can afford. Because having all your teeth pulled by 18 and buying dentures since that's cheapest, is not a dental plan. Because if you've been physically abused in a relationship, that can be called a pre-existing condition and you can be denied coverage. Do I really need to go on? Seems I do.

It is not socialism and you should really know the definition and spelling before you use it in a sign. It is an expansion of insurance availability with government subsidies to those who cannot afford even low cost insurance. The best things are an expansion of Medicaid eligibility for people in their 50s, full funding of community health care clinics-very cost effective medical care programs.

Contacting your Congress
House & Senate Switchboard-just tell them who you want to talk to: (202) 224-3121
Tell your Representative to pass the Senate bill. Tell your Senator to get behind reconciliation to fix the Senate bill. - This is key. There is a lot to fix but it can be done and we need Senators-the most dysfunctional area of Congress, to get things in order. If we have to, make their lives miserable until they get it.

Tell your Senator to also vote to end the procedural filibuster. Why? Because most of what's holding up the process is the threat of invisible filibusters. No one has to stand there and speechify or read phone books for hours anymore. All they have to do is say, "well, I may filibuster it", mark a filibuster notation, and it's done. They can get coffee, have lives, collect donations. If we end it, they can stop abusing the filibuster and be caught on tape doing the bathroom hop while they try to find words to describe why Americans having healthcare as good as theirs is wrong.

Also call a few key people because they have positions that are of national importance. Senator Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Show Madame Speaker Pelosi some love. Thank her for her efforts in the House, tell her you support the Senate bill and a reconciliation fix.
Call Harry Reid and respectfully thank him for the initial Senate bill, then take him to task. He needs to support reconciliation to fix the issues, stand up to Republicans grandstanding and filibustering and FIX THE BLOODY ABUSE OF THE FILIBUSTER. Remind the man that he's the majority leader and if-IF-he wins re-election, he may wind up the minority leader and will have squandered a chance at fixing many key issues that are important today. Remind whoever answers his phone that Reid may not be your Senator but he certainly affects you.

Call the White House, 202-456-1414, and remind them that if they want this bill passed, you suggest the President get out and say he wants this bill, plenty, loud and often. Suggest that there be some actual consequences to the lack of party discipline and make some real push back against the spin. Again, telling them to grow a pair-politely-is key.

We need reconciliation to get House Progressive Dems to vote for the Senate bill, so calling every Senator you can is worthwhile. Did you live in another state? Remember the zip code? Use *67 to prevent number tracking and call those reps. This is a fight. Government does not work, with an electorate that doesn't show up.

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