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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

┬┐Colera es el Mejor Salsa?

When in doubt about what to do, when consternated by life and it's little idiocies, it's always good to make a decent meal.

Italiano ala Moroc

2 cups of cooked jasmine rice
1 slender, fresh from the garden eggplant, asian variety, cut into ".25 slices. (do not salt or any of those other moisture reducing techniques)
1/2 cup of roughly chopped red onion
8 sun dried olives (unsalted), chopped
1 whole pepper, chopped
1 cup of chiffonaded arugula
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 oz of balsamic vinegar
3 splashes of Bragg's Amino Acids

in a large sauce pan, heat your olive oil. when it's hot, toss in eggplant, pepper & onions. let fry, until eggplant is tender. Toss in rice. Sprinkle with your favourite no salt seasoning mixture, preferably one with serious garlic. Mix thoroughly. Take off of stove. While still hot, add chopped olives, arugula, balsamic, braggs and mix again. Serve with Oven Poached Lemon Salmon.

Oven Poached Lemon Salmon
Take 1 deep dish oven pan, line with foil. Take 1 medium to large sized salmon filet (skin or no skin is up to you) and season it with that there no salt seasoning. If there is skin on your filet, place it skin side up on your foil. Pour in 3oz of chardonnay & 4 tblspoons of lemon juice. Seal the foil over the filet, creating a foil envelope. Cook at about 325 for 15 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on how thick the filet is. Add a splash of Bragg's before serving.

et voila!

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