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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Can't WIn In Afghanistan-Kisses, Pentagon

Just heard the Pentagon does not think there's going to be a victory in Afghanistan. Utter, flaming nigerian ballsack failsville. There's a nice list of deaths from Afghan National soldiers. We're being shot at by the people we are here to help. I know. 1 lone nutcase cannot & should not speak for a whole nation. Let's not even forget what the Taliban has in store for women.

I love these people. RAWA. They've been working on this when our gov was sending the Taliban millions in aid. We need to leave. We need to stay. We have no options or we have no hearts.

When Barack Obama took the presidency in 1/20/09, I was so amazed. Not only was our president a decent, moral, sensible, learned person, he was a black guy. Nice. The other feeling, which I know many of my black and latino brothers & sisters were feeling? "Damn, ya'll wouldn't make us equal but now that you done broke the country, you give it to us." Fuck. He gets the blame, we get the blame, the criminals get to die in their sleep, happy & fat on the blood of innocents.

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