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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On this Senate Bill debacle

Dear Mr. President.

I must say, way to not lead on health care. The Senate version been an immense failure on cost containment, ending anti-trust exemptions and preventing recission. While, certainly, mandating coverage is a new approach to "expanding medical care for all", demanding that we buy the crappy private insurance makes this "victory" fall flat. This is a monstrous bill and your failure as party leader to set goals and keep certain grandstanding senators in line is also evident. The only reason I could support this is if there was a guarantee that conference & reconciliation will be used to fix it. In a period of horrendous fiscal stress, your administration has chosen to add to our bills. Thanks. Thanks a lot. And thank President Rahm for his contribution to the Democratic Party's corporate credentials. What an immense disappointment.


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Oh yeah, I sent this. If they deport me, I go to Jamaica.

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