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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Boomerang Kids

I am very excited. One of my kids is coming back to visit next week. I can't wait to see him! Ok, he's not my kid in the squoze him out sense. In fact, at 24, he's hardly a kid. However, as part of the elite group called "people who seem to call me for advice all the time", I feel this maternal mentorship thingy for him. What can I say? I'm not much for unbidden advice but some of my younger pals actually ask me for stuff like I'm all smart and stuff. Haven't they been listening to my fart and sex laden jokes? Did they see me with the funny hats? Does public Riverdancing mean nothing to these people?

Between David & Shaun (my kids), I feel so much more accomplished in my life. Their successes have nothing to do with me, all I provide is some experience and logic. I meet these guys at various jobs, see that they're funny, smart and passionate about what they want to do and make sure I give as much as I can to their efforts. It's more emotionally rewarding than cash, although cash would be pretty darn neat right now. Shaun came back earlier this year and she'd landed a bigtime magazine position. Not too shabby for my former intern. David just called last night to tell me the movie project we discussed months ago had taken Best in Show at the student film fest for his school. Very darn cool.

I'm all busting out with the pride for these two and when they call me to let me know how things are going, I marvel at how great it feels for me. They ask what I've been up to, I get to tell my good stuff happening, sometimes for the first. Not to sound macabre, but it seems so important to them that I be here, around. Keeps my destructive side mollified because I couldn't disappoint them. I've been wondering if I shouldn't get a talented young intern to help us out with the strip and the upcoming animation. Maybe I miss talking about light, form, art and technology to some eager young space cadet.

I don't mind the teaching and coaching and late night calls to my cell to play soundboard. I just keep sending them out there; wonder of wonders, they keep coming back.


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