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Monday, June 05, 2006


Well, blessed be! Is it really voting time again? Shooooot. I don't envy all you citizens and registered voters out there. Voting, especially midterm elections, is a long boring slog through adverts, millions of smiling people pressing printed crap into your hands, and annoying phone calls. By the time the election rolls around, not only are you sick of everyone, you don't know what the hell the issues are because there's been too much stuff to read. Good luck no matter what you choose. The only thing I have to say is please get off your lazy duffs and vote. Pull a lever, punch a hole, press something on screen (sorry about the papertrail thingy), just go vote. Pick a paper you respect and go with their recommends if you must. It's the one damn time you have a real say in local to federal level government. It's bloody important. Perspective point, the next American Idol cannot, CANNOT, nuke Iran or affect federal abortion law. The next governor or senator, can.

Wake up tomorrow, wipe that crusty stuff off your face, and decide to vote. Preferably that morning. As a noncitizen, I thank you for that. Even if I don't agree with you.


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