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Saturday, June 10, 2006

2 Notes On Love

"She" doesn't want to hang with him because when he looks at her, his eyes are transparent. She can see his passion for her, passion she wishes weren't there. I have nothing to say to her. Honestly, I have lots to say.

I could say, "be upfront. make sure he understands you like him as a friend, but as a lover it isn't going to happen". Really, I think or I'd like to think, she's already done that.

I could say, "is it so bad, to be loved? seriously, why do you talk to him and give him time if that little reflection of yourself wasn't pleasing? let him love you, bask in it. even if it isn't the "right" guy, the attractive one, what's so wrong about being loved and offering at least a friendly love in return?" When you're as young as she is, you don't worry too much about never seeing that look again. You also don't believe that person, that ideal person who looks in your eyes, creating a circuit of passion that ties you two together, will ever stop loving you. You'll look and look, but there'll be no more reflections of you living in him.

Nope, I just mumble something noncommital. If she wants to know she can ask outright. She's young, she knows everything anyway.


"Why would he take her back? I mean, she was SO mean to him when they broke up. So mean. Yet, he took her back. I don't get it."

I shrug, this is a simple question. "She's hot."

The pest takes this moment to enter and jackrabbit around us on either a caffeine, cocaine or pure immature male hormone kick. He stops to nod a ballistic yes and proceeds to jump up and down behind my friend, using her shoulders to propel himself higher than usual.

"No. Like, the fact that she's good looking would, like, excuse how mean she was? No way. I mean, he's all, like 'she completes me' kinda thing. I just don't get it."

Shaking my head, I contemplate being detailed. Fuck it. "She's hot. He's a guy. No matter how bad she treated him, as long as she didn't, like, fuck his bro, his dad and all his friends, he'd take her back and thank her. If she was truly, totally hot and rich, she could do all that and he'd still take her back."

"But she's so mean! Why does he take back someone who dumped him, trashtalked and treats him badly?"

I slide my arm around her soft shoulders and rest my head against hers. The pest bounces off us some more, then mimics my position on her other side. "Baby, you sound like a girl who's hung out with boys but hasn't been paying attention."

"Well, gay guys. They're more like girls."

"See, if a girl is hot, it makes a guy feel better about himself. If a girl is great but not hot, no ego boost, he can take or leave her. When he has a hot girl, she adds to his caché. She treats him crappy but returns, oh yeah, she completes him alright-ego points. Hot equals free meanie pass. Hotter the girl, the crappier she can be and he'll still take her back."

The pest bounces around, his entire body twitching in agreement. "You should listen to her. She knows guys." He knocks her on the head, I punch him in the gut. and chase him out the door. All she can do is shake her head in disbelief.


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